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*The future of communication – alienation – downstage.
*Parametrical sound and movement manipulation of the projected images using custom-developped interfaces.
*Inputs do not necessarily lead to expected outputs.
*Causes do not have predetermined consequences.
*No limits No borders.

'Never have I found the limits of the photographic potential. Every horizon, upon being reached, reveals another beckoning in the distance. As Always, I am on the threshold'.
W.Eugene Smith

Based on this concepts the project UNSURROUNDED started as a solo performance project were sound, movement, visuals & words intercollide. Each presentation is different with new inputs on the material layers and with new interactions that can extent to collaborations with other performers, musicians, visual artists and all kind of art houses and individuals (animals included).

Sometimes as in Unsurrounded III which was an interactive multi-media performance with active audience participation. The term audience was viewed in a wide sense including the www logged in online/mobile community. A challenge for a filmmaker, performer, musician to work inside the new media, summoning her passions and interests and relocating them into a whole new dimension.

On Memory, accumulations, On Transe, visualizing abject, at least, speculative audiovisual subversion with strong links to Afrofuturisme.

" The abject has to do with "what disturbs identity, system, order. What does not respect borders, positions, rules" Kristeva Julia

Viewing it inside a broad definition of 'net art'
Crosspolinated New media
new path of conceptual inquiry
(phenomenological perception
identity modulation
telepresence or)
subculture participation
intimacy inside the worldwide web
A real time/space performance
offline and online
disrupting disorienting
the audience and the viewer
of what it could become
an ongoing performance.

The performance starts with the following poem by Cuban writer Eliseo Diego. Also other poems by Dario Alvisi’s book “Ode to the margins” and Oliverio Girondo are being performed throughout the piece.

A solo for performer, drums, electronics, pocket trumpet, voice, poetry, altered visuals.

The espace architecture and sonic qualities are important factors that can morph and adapt each presentation of the piece. The aim is creating a performative immersive experience for the audience and the espace.

TESTAMENTO - Eliseo Diego (Cuba) 1920-1994

Habiendo llegado al tiempo en que
la penumbra ya no me consuela más
y me apocan los presagios pequeños;

habiendo llegado a este tiempo;

y como las heces del café
abren de pronto ahora para mí
sus redondas bocas amargas;

habiendo llegado a este tiempo;

y perdida ya toda esperanza de
algún merecido ascenso, de
ver el manar sereno de la sombra;

y no poseyendo más que este tiempo;

no poseyendo más, en fin,
que mi memoria de las noches y
su vibrante delicadeza enorme;

no poseyendo más
entre cielo y tierra que
mi memoria, que este tiempo;

decido hacer mi testamento.

Es este:
les dejo el tiempo, todo el tiempo.

(English translation which will be added to the visuals)

TESTAMENT Eliseo Diego (Cuba) 1920-1994

Having reached the time in which
dusk no longer comforts me
and i’m frightened by small omens;

having reached this time;

and like the feces of the coffee
now open so suddenly to me
their round and bitter mouths;

having reached this time;

and by now all hope being lost of
a deserved ascent of
seeing the serene spring of shadows;

and owning nothing but this time;

and owning anything at all, at last,
than my memory of the nights and
their enormous vibrant delicacy;

not owning more
between heaven and earth than
my own memory, than this time;

It’s this:
I leave to you
the time, the whole of time.


Unsurrounded I Art Cinema OFFoff 8 february (solo) 2011
Unsurrounded II Logos Foundation 4 april + Les Atelier Claus 15 april (with musical robots of Logos)
Unsurrounded III Art Cinema OFFoff 22 may (with online streaming from Rotterdam and Florida)
Unsurrounded IV Cite International des Arts, Paris – Open Studio Rachida Amara (Tunesie) 26 may
(within an engraving's installation)
Unsurrounded V Klein Verhaal Brugge 22 june (solo with anonymous musicien intervention)
Unsurrounded VI Kunst Centrum Belgie, Hasselt 17 december 2011 (with Invisible Cities project: Audrey Lauro: alt sax and Maja Jantar: extended voice performance)
Unsurrounded VII at Noise Chamber #1 - Netwerk Aalst organized by Idiosyncratic Label, 18 may 2013
Unurrounded VIII at cinéPalace – Kortrijk 10th october 2013
Unsurrounded IX opening for 'Mind Over Mirrors' (USA) at cinéPalace Kortrijk.
Unsurrounded X at Kluger Hans presentation Literaire Schurft #1 at The White Cat, Gent April, 1014
Unsurrounszs 10.2 at Cinema Nova, Brussels, 3th june 2016
Unsurrounded 11 at Wiels Contemporary Art Center September 10th, 2017
Unsurrounded 12.0 at Recyclart Art Center 7th december 2017
Unsurrounded X+3 performance at Temporary Gallery, Centre for Contemporary Art (aspart of the series "Raumklange: Same, Same bur Different"in cooperation with the City of Pulheim and the Museum Morsbroich, Leverkusen. Curated by Harald Kimmig and Sarah Bosqui. Köln, Germany - September 20th, 2018
Unsurrounded XIV solo at the Videonale17, Bonn, Germany - february 21th, 2019
Unsurrounded XV at the finissage of
"noli me tangere" group exhibition curated by Tania Nasielski with artists Lazara Rosell Albear, Roger Ballen, Claude Cattelain, Pieter Declercq, Nancy Moreno, Benjamin Verhoeven at Abbatoir De Bomel, Namur - february 13th - march 17th, 2019
Unsurrounded XVI Performance at "Ecoute, dit elle" Fair Play Belgium investi le Brass - Centre Culturel de Forest, Brussels - April 14th, 2019
Unsurrounded XVII at Nuit du Solstice at Ateliers Mommen opening for Why The Eye.

Lázara Rosell Albear