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Short Curriculum Vitae

MahaWorks is a non profit association, established in 2001 and leaded by Lazara Rosell Albear and Eli Van de Vondel for research and production of cross-media projects and films.

Our aim is to explore and enhance our/your experimental awareness beyond the usual stereotypes, expansion at different levels, at different layers, to free yourself from all fetters that we carry within.
Striving for innovation, discovery, fusion, collaboration in touch with integrity and in service.

Because of the difficulty to express abstract intellectual thoughts, all available means are examined and used for trying to achieve a communicative expression.

Evolution has brought us “new” means to work with such as computer and digital semantics, video and 3D which gives new approaches and broaden the paradigms in which we can express ourselves. But also traditional means as dance, music, theater concepts are used contrapuntal togetherness. Using them in relational combinations creates exponential possibilities.

Lazara Rosell Albear (cub/bel): drums, electronics, performance, filmmaker
Eli Van de Vondel (bel): composer, guitar, FX processing, electronics, visual artist

Eli Van de Vondel is one of the founders of CiCliC Records Label and Collective.
As a composer and guitar player he has worked for example with Alain Platel
(Mussen) and Koen Augustijnen 'To Crush Time', a piece where he played Bach on electric guitar. Commissioned by Guy Gypens he arranged and performed La Sacre du Printemps for Springdance Festival.
He performed also with Eric Thielemans, Frederik Croene, Erwin Vann, Giovanni
Barcella, Manolo Cabras, Marek Patrman, Jeroen Van Herzeele, Monika Lilleike and many others. In 2008 he composed string quartets performed by the Kryptos Kwartet at Blue Note Festival Indoor at Bijloke.
He wish to remain anonymous.
Lazara Rosell Albear: Born in Havana, Cuba. 18 juni 1971.
Living in Ghent, Belgium since 1992.

Lazara Rosell Albar is living in Belgium since 1992 where she continued
studying medicine for 1+ more years. In the early 90s she started to work as a
dancer with different dance companies and directed & participated in film and
multimedia projects within Victoria and Het Muziek Lod. After quiting medicine
studies she follows her intuition and went to study Film at the Koninklijke
Academie voor Schone Kunsten (K.A.S.K) in Ghent, where she graduated in 2000 Master Audiovisual Arts (medium Film).

She has worked with productionhouses Victoria, Het Muziek Lod and with
dance compagnie Les Ballets C. de la B. were she performed and toured abroad as a member of three projects by: Alain Platel (Iets op Bach '97-2000), Koen Augustijnen (Import-Export 2007-2008) and Lisi Estaras (Bolero-2009 & Soup-2010).

She founded the Xmedia organisation MahaWorks in 2001 together with musician/composer Eli Van de Vondel (CiCliC Records) to develop her own
projects and collaboration with likeminded artists. In 2002 she received the Bunkacho Fellowship – Japanese Ministery of Culture that allowed her to study; traditional japanese dance (Nihonbuyo) and music: Shamisen and Sho; for a period of 6 months in Kyoto and Tokyo. Their projects has been called engaged, avant-gardistic, extreem, magisch-realistic soundscapes permeated with the energy of a strong presence. Her audiovisual creations and films has been screened at different festivals in Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany, Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Denemark, Iceland.

MahaWorks curates and organize DANSCAMDANSE-International Dancefilm Festival of Belgium; with it's 5 edition in 2011 in collaboration with Art Cinema OFFoff and The City of Ghent.

Lazara started to drum 13 years ago with lessons from drummers Stephane Galland, Maxime Lenssens, Giovanni Barcella, Eric Thielemans and Marek Patrman (unconsciously she had already started drumming in Cuba) and is currently on drums in her projects with Audrey Lauro: alt sax, Maja Jantar: voice performer (Invisible Cities); Pak Yan Lau: pianet, toypiano, FX's; Isnelle da Silveira: voice; Luanda Casella: slam poetry and Charissa Granger: tenor steelpan (Dark Speeches); Baudouin Dejaer: amplified violin and Bram Stadshouder: e. guitar, synthx laptop (Pek Druppel 23); Antoine Prawerman: bass clarinet and Jan Pillaert: bass tuba (MIKKELUNGE) and with Mirko Banovic: e. bass, FX's & guests (SMALL METAL GODS).
Lazara received the DIVA SKRAEP Residentie to spend a month and half in Copenhagen collaborating with danish composer/performer/guitar player Jorgen Teller and his collegues.
She has also worked with Xavier Lukomsky, Dirk Verstockt, Logos Foundation,
KC Belgie, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Ontroerend Goed, Walter Verdin, Sammy Baloji and in video's for band's dEUS & Absynthe Minded, Doktors Without Borders and 11.11.11.

MahaWorks has been supported by The City of Ghent, The province of East-Flanders, The Flemish Community, Flemish Audiovisual Fonds (VAF), L'Espace Senghor-Brussels, Victoria, Vooruit, El Negocito, Kunstenwerkplaats De Pianofabriek Brussels, BUDA, Art Cinema OFFoff and the Faja Lobi cafe and B&B.

'One of Us' –32' – 1999 - creative documentary
'Campos Sagrados' – 2000 – creative documentary with support from Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen, Stad Gent, Sabam, Noordstar fonds, Mamacash.
'Foolish Mothers' – 2001 – creative documentary with support from provincie
Oost-Vlaanderen and Stad Gent
YÜ-”TREKT co-productie with Victoria and Festival de Opkomst (Utrecht)
'Slikkers-Tragones' with Stefan Broc (France) – Installation
'Talking Feet' – 2003 – installation in cooperation with Lightcliff Art (Iceland)
'Cronica de Sitio' – 2003 – installation
'Dark Speeches' – 2008 – video installation for 9 screens, De Bijloke - Blue Note Records Festival Indoor 2008
'Who What are You' – 2010 a performance animation film
'LABO MINA' – 2010-2011 an experimental film concieved for live audiovisual performance/installation
'Soup' -2011 – a creative documentary on de 'Soup' project by Lisi Estaras/Les Ballets C de la B
'Tonight, I Love You' -2012 - short - collaboration with Lara Barçaq and Gael Santisteva (France)
'OSHA' creative documentary in progress with scenario and developement support from VAF (in progress)

Personal Stage Works: Multimedia Music-Dance-Theater
+'Foolish Mothers' – 2001 – 50'

+ DDDS (Dalton Drum and Dance Syndicate) with Maxime Lenssens DDS 4 drummers and 4 dancers. Recyclart, De Nachten-De Singel, CC Jack Frank

+ 'KAKU' solo – 2004-2005 – 50' support from Vlaamse Gemeenschap, provincie Oost-Vlaanderen, Stad Gent , Les ballets C de la B, L'Espace Senghor, De Centrale.

+'Chimera: With-In' for Hoellenfahrt, Wenen support from Vooruit.

+Dark Speeches: Speech 1 solo – 2007 – 30' het Useum, Gent

+'STAND BY' solo – 2008 – 20' at OFFoff Art Cinema cyclus The performer and the white screen.

+Dark Speeches: CANDIDATES – 2008 - 55' for Festival Danse a la Balsamine XII Espace Senghor,Brussel support from De Pianofabriek

+Dark Speeches: CANDIDATES III – residence and showing at Parts/Rosas Summer Studios 2008

+Dark Speeches: Gadgetland – 2010 -L'Espace Shenghor at Festival Danse Balsa Marni Senghor, BXL & De Vieze Gasten, Ghent with the support of the City of Ghent, Buda Kunstcentrum, De Pianofabriek

+UNSURROUNDED (solo serie) -2011 - I-Art Cinema OFFoff, II-Logos Thetrahedron & Les Atelier Claus, III-Art Cinema OFFoff, IV-Klein Verhaal, V-KC Belgie.

DANSCAMDANSE I-2005 - II-2007 – III-2009 – IV-2010 – V-2011 Dancefilm festival in cooperation with Film-Plateau, Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen, Stad Gent, Vooruit, Internationaal Filmfestival van Gent, Art Cinema OFFoff. DANSCAMDANSE have been ON TOUR in Habana-Cuba, Santiago-Chile, Basel-Swiss, Tilburg-The Nederlands, Brugge & Hasselt-Belgium.

TAGMOSIS 2008 at Art Center Croxhapox. 19-20 december 2008 & TAGMOSIS 2009 at Zenne 17 BXL opening: Festival meeting of peculiar artists and organizations. A continuous flow of showings: dance, theater, performances, experimental concerts and dancefilm screenings with the support of the City of Ghent.

Concert Series
CiCliC Spartacular focusing on explorative music at De Rode Pomp, Ghent
CiCliC in residence and concerts at Buda 'Fresh' festival 2006, Kortrijk
CiCliC Adervacht at the FreeMusic Festival in the Singel Antwerp 2006
CiCliC Spartacular focusing on explorative music Muziek in Vooruit, Ghent
CiCliC as curator voor het Blue Note Records Festival indoor 2008, Ghent
CiCliC at Blue Note meets Jazz in het Park 2008, Gent

LE LAB series
A serie of sonic experimental meetings exploring de relationship between time & espace, instant compositions, images, voices, textures, resonances, acoustic & electronic music at different locations Cafe Faja Lobi, Concert Cafe Le Bal Infernal, Cafe Commerce/Try-Out vzw, croxhapox espace.

facebook: MahaWorks.DANSCAMDANSE