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Invisible Cities

The audio-visual performance project of Audrey Lauro (FR): alt sax,
Maja Jantar (BE): extended voice performance Lazara Rosell Albear (CU/BE): drums, electronics, visuals .

Invisible Cities plays Droknoblac

Audrey Lauro ¨^ alt sax
Maja Jantar != polysonic voice
Lazara Rosell Albear <= drums

at De Lading
curated by Lieven Cateau

October 2011 Wetteren

Unsurrounded VI: Invisible Cities

Audrey Lauro ¨^ alt sax
Maja Jantar != polysonic voice
Lazara Rosell Albear <= drums, electronics

Live manipulation of visuals shot in London, La Habana, Tokyo, Kyoto, Palestina, Malmo, Menorca o.a

KC Belgie, Hasselt - 17/12/2011
Thanks to Robert Piccart

+ Soundsz: Invisible Cities plays Neuriegac by congrisdetachedlabel

About the project

This trio choose for uncompromising, instinctive, intuitive, multilayered,
multidimensional instant sonic and spatial writings. They find inspiration
on the concepts and ideas behind Italo Calvino Invisible Cities book which
revolves on imagination and new worlds and John Cage investigations on
the structure of syntax and chance.

Music of the elements earth, fire and air
coming from inside, from a hidden place,
improvised ways, with a clear direction around acting/reacting and creating an "universe"

A continuous exploration on the inner and outer resonance of a gesture. Their project view music and performatic actions as one.

Self collecting spam art and phrases found on public spaces such as toilets or walls with anonime urban art messages. Engaging the audience on the locations with a scream of send/tell your words.

Preferring to perform on unconventional locations, the trio can embrace any stage with their sonic travel and redefine it as an abstract landscape nowhere. Enhancing their crossmedia approach using a projection of manipulated visuals taken from their own documenting the world surrounding them in different cities.

A extended performance were sound, image, word and the peculiar corporal identities of the performers intercollide proposing an otherworldly, almost virtual, window to an unknown world.

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