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Lazara Rosell Albear 2021

'Yoko Osha' (2015 - HD - 40' - Color & BW)

(Hacerse Santo - Making Saint - Se Faire Saint)


Lazara Rosell Albear returns to the magical–realistic world of Santeria or Regla de Osha:

the mysterious religion practiced in secrecy by more than 70% of the Cuban population in the director's home country Cuba. The film interweaves an intimate portrayal of this tradition with his rules and ritualistic initiations, with personal experiences and audio-visual recreations, performance and poetry. By merging different styles the film becomes a subjective self-portrait of the director. 10 years in the making; the result is a multi-layered work where the place of beliefs in the universal human quest for survival, is researched/questioned through levels of trance and heterotopias.

Directed by Lazara Rosell Albear

Runtime: 40'

Format: HD - 16:9

Country of production: Belgium

Collection & Distribution: Argos, Center for Art and Media

© 2015 MahaWorks


-Temporary Gallery - Kolhn during ART COLOGNE programme FILM COLOGNE focusing on Flanders and Brussels - 17 to 19 April 2015

-The III Biennale Internacional de Arte “Desde Aqui”. Bucaramanga, Columbia – October 3th to 30th, 2015

-Conference "AFRO-CUBAN ARTISTS: A RENAISSANCE". University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, USA - April 27th to 30th, 2016

-Cinema Nova, Brussels - june 16, 2016

-VISITE. Het Bos. Antwerp - August 12, 2016

-SIC invites. De Beurschouwburg. Brussels - september 22th, 2016

-Exhibition Eutopia "28". CC Strombeek - Janurari 8 - march 8th, 2017

"Yoko Osha:Volume II"(2017 - HD - B&W - 50'19)
(Hacerse Santo - Making Saint - Se Faire Saint)

The second chapter of the trilogy started 14 years ago as an intimistic, performative, multilayered, sensorial, subjective selfportret of a return to the magical-realistic world of Santeria of Regla de Osha. The in secrecy practiced rich cult, that used to be forbidden by the government, has gained more and more followers from all corners of society in the past 20 years. In the continuation of the merging of different cinematic styles and its interweaving with different faces of the ceremonies and their resonance in other participatory situations. The use of found Hi 8 footage from Benin 26 years ago and mobile phone imagery add to the complexity and visual eclecticism of the piece. The soundtrack of this instalment is made in its entirety of field-recordings from La Habana.

A whirl of unseen sonic movement to the border where black magic starts. Bridging the past with the present and the futures, the individual with the collective.

Film End Titels

"Yoko Osha:Volume II"
(Hacerse Santo - Making Saint - Se Faire Saint: Volume II)

a film by
Lazara Rosell Albear

Reinout De Vos
Lazara Rosell Albear
Eric Tzii (Benin)

Sergio Muñoz
Lázara Rosell Albear

Lazara Rosell Albear

Patrick Codenys

Country of production: Belgium

With the support of Wiels Contemporary Art Center residency program

©2017 MahaWorks

Collection & Distribution: Argos, Center for Art and Media

-The second part of the trilogy had a premiere at Wiels, Art Center, Brussels, as part of the exhibition "Rita Mcbride - Something Stronger Than Me" during Lazara's contribution with the project "Somewhere, Somehow, Somebody" from October 24th to November 12th, 2017.

-February 18th, 2019 at Visite Filmseries Festival at Het Bos, Antwerpen.

“Yoko Osha Chapter III or The first day is the day of the river”

A multimedia “expanded cinema” project exploring the process of becoming. The project
comprises two elements that are directly related:
the cinematic audiovisual experience and the live long-durational performance. The latter,
“Unsurrounded invites The Art Ensemble of Brussels” draws inspiration from Afro-Cuban Santeria ceremonies, Lydia Cabrera, Maya Deren, Ishmael Reed and Afrofuturism concepts. For the performance at DE CENTRALE for Comtemporary and due to the sanitary situation Lazara RA invited free flow dancer, voice performer, percussionist Yvan Bertrem.

Osha and art
The Osha religion is a symbiosis of images and metaphors. It is an almost completely autonomous
culture with its own language, literature, theatre, poetry, music, song, drawing, painting, sculpture,
dance, sociology, philosophy and history. It is a universe with its ethical and aesthetic values,
moral and humane principles, sensibilities and rationales — all of it divided into various levels
of knowledge and possession trance. It is a form of communication: an exchange of energies
between the natural world and humans.
The religious art of Sub-Saharan Africa is increasingly becoming a modern-day
phenomenon. It is an artform in which people — even without religious awareness —
create art that is not only connected to the magical world but also to reality. The artist uses
the magical to transform or recreate reality. It is an art made by men and women who —
perhaps without any artistic consciousness but guided by their spirituality—value the inherent
divinity of every creator. It is magical realism.

Video Installation Duration : 43 min Loop HD
Technicals: 3 white wood screens - 3 syncronized video projections - two square sound-doms - two sitting banks.
Performance Duration: Longdurational 4 hours.
Produced with the support of DE CENTRALE for contemporary art in the context of the exhibition BXL UNIVERSEL II : from 25.03.2021 tot 12.09.2021.