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i. Ken Ma.i 2014 - 2002 Kyoto, Japan. While shooting the video installation 'Talking Feet' with Einar Mar Gudvardarson (Lightcliff Art, Iceland)
ii. Raul. 2013 Gentse Feesten
iii. Gael. 2007 London. Performing with les ballets C de la B 'Import-Export'
iv. Hannah. 2013 Gent
v. Jorgen Teller & The Empty Stairs feat Lazara. 2012 Copenhagen. Artwork for the CD 'Unanttended Cooking'
vi Juan. 2008 Death Sea, Israel with les ballets C de la B 'Import-Export'.
vii. Paul. 2012 Gent. Vooruit. Thurston Moore concert.
viii. Anja. 2013 Antwerp. rehearsals 'Song of songs' In Vitro. Antwerp Troubleyn Lab.
ix Spirit Manga. 2013 Gent.
x Audrey. Malmo. 2014
xi Kain The Poet 2012
xii The point of no. 2008
xiii Valeria 2008

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