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Part of the 10 artists selected for the opening of Kanal Citroen Garage Museum Brussels.
Opening May 4th, 2018. Exhibition May 5h throughout June 2019

« Salle des Pas-Perdus » Group exhibition which has artists Michel François and Richard Venlet as curators and conceptors of both the principles and the scenography, at the DOC’s request. A performance by Lazara Rosell Albear will take place the 21st of April during the opening.
Vernissage: Samedi 21 avril 2018 > 18h — 23h
Exposition: 22.04 — 13.05.2018 Ouvert sur rendez vous:

Solo performance "unsurrounded 12.0" on december 7th, 2017 > Recyclart (Brussels) in the frame of 'Extra Fort Project' sharing night with Massao Mascaro (IT) and Raining Poetry.
address: Ursulinenstraat 25 Rue des Ursulines - Brussels, Belgium

Group show "Something Stronger Than Me" curated by Rita Mcbride, Willem Oorebeek, Devrim Bayar at Wiels, Contemporary Art Center (Brussels)
opening September 15th through January 7th, 2018 with the presentation of the new film "Yoko Osha: Volume II", drawings, photographs, performances and the unexpected "somewhere, somehow, somebody".

The film "Yoko Osha" (2015 - 40') will screen at Wiels, Contemporary Art Center (Brussels) on Sunday September 10th, 2017 - 17:30 followed by the solo performance "unsurrounded XI".

°Groupshow "Handen" opening september 29th - october 8th, 2017 at Klapdorp 48 (Antwerpen)
Invited to present the film "Yoko Osha" at CC Strombeek group exhibition "Eutopia 28" from Jan 6th through march 8th, 2017

SOFAM Beurs for WIELS Belgian resident 2016

Invited to present the film "Yoko Osha" at the SIC presentation at De Beurschouwburg, Brussels, 22 september 2016

Screening of the film "Yoko Osha" + "unsurrounded 10.2" performance at Cinema Nova, Brussels June 3th, 2016 - 20:00

Invited to present the films "Yoko Osha" and "Bare-Faced"a collaboration with Sammy Baloji (COD) at the opening of the program VISITE curated by Anne Reijniers en Eva Van Tongeren. With also screenings by Enzo Smits, Liesbeth De Ceulaer, Camille Picquot, Eva Giolo, Sarah Vanagt, Eva Van Tongeren, Nina De Vroome, Ben De Raes, Constanze Wouters & Miguel Peres dos Santos. HET BOS, Antwerp, Belgium - Aug 12, 2016

Invited to present the films "Yoko Osha" and "Bare-Faced" a collaboration with Sammy Baloji (COD) at the conference AFRO-CUBAN ARTISTS: A RENAISSANCE. University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, USA - April 27th to 30th, 2016

Lazara Rosell Albear is an Artist in Residence for the year 2016 at Wiels, Contemporary Art Center, Brussels.

The installation "Bare-Faced" was at Kunshaus Dresden "Boundary Objects" group exhibition until September 20 the show curated by Sophie Goltz will be at CA2M in Madrid - November 4, 2015 to February 28, 2016.

The installation & Performance "Bare-Faced" at Incarnation(s) group exhibition.
Une exposition sous la direction artistique d'Estelle Lecaille, à l'initiative de mòsso et en coproduction avec la Maison des Cultures et de la Cohésion Sociale de Molenbeek-Brussels.
Vernissage le jeudi 19 novembre 2015 à 18h: performances de Patricia Barakat et Lazara Rosell Albear avec Aurélie Lierman.
Finissage le mercredi 20 janvier 2016 à 18h: soirée de projections de films de Louis Henderson, Bakary Diallo, Seydou Cissé, Olivier Dekegel et Eric Pauwels.

"Yoko Osha" and "Bare-Faced" Video Installation have been selected for
la Bienal Internacional de Arte en Bucaramanga DESDE AQUÍ, Colombia. opening October 3th to 30th.

July 10th – July 12th 2015 UK London 'The MacGuffin' film. A collaboration with South-African artist Doris Bloom (painter/performer) will screen at TATE MODERN the film series, in the frame of ‘The Film Will Always Be You: South African Artists on Screen’ curated by Zoe Whitley and Abrie Fourie.
June 20th – Sept 20th 2015 Germany Dresden 'Bare Faced' a collaboration with Congolese photographer Sammy Baloji at Kunsthaus Dresden – Stadtische Galerie fur Gegenwartskunst. As part of the exhibition 'Boundary Objects' (Opening june 19th with crossmedia performance July 11th)
Film 'Yoko Osha' (2015 – 41' – HD) is part of ARGOS Centre for Art and Media collection and distribution and screened at Temporary Gallery - Köln during ART COLOGNE from 17 to 19 April 2015 as part of the programme FILM COLOGNE focusing on Flanders and Brussels.
April 2nd until May 17th. 2015 at Brass – Forest, Brussels. Exhibition Odyssées Africaines curated by Marie-Ann Yemsi presenting 'Bare Faced' a collaboration with Congolese photographer Sammy Baloji (video installation and photo series) along with 16 other African artists.

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