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"the art ensemble of brussels" is a collective of improvisers living and working in Brussels. They have formed different constellations in different project during the 15 years of knowing each others. This ensemble is formed by very peculiar individuals that have dedicated years of research on extended techniques with strong instant composing abilities and performatic presence. A proposal on the convergence of the performing arts with the visual arts, noise and contemporary music in the creation of sensible and resonant spaces.

The name certainly rings big bells. No fear intended. Foremost we are simply and extremely delighted to enter in dialogue with each other which is only possible because of the strength and mutual recognition of each individual inner discourse and our will to share our world with you.

In other words, a humorous and 'in the spirit of' reappropriation with a focus on sound design, vibrations, poetry, performativity, shifting the tissues of time and space, beyond, post, geopolitical enough. Resilience.

"the art ensemble of brussels" is Audrey Lauro (alt sax - voice), Sofia Kakouri, (performance - pocket trumpet), Pierre Michel Zaleski (voice performance), Antoine Prawerman (bass clarinet, poetry), Jan Pillaert (tuba), Lazara Rosell Albear (drums - pocket trumpet), Guillaume Maupin (voice performance) among others.

links of live recordings:
on vimeo

on bandcamp

     Performance at Atelier Mommen, BXL 
     Research meeting at Sint Lucas, BXL 
     Research meeting at Wiels, BXL 

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