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Lazara Rosell Albear 2023

May 6th - 14h > Bozar Centre for Fine Arts - Brussels “Walk With Me” at Michel François exhibition "Contre Nature". Walk With Me - Lázara Rosell Albear | Bozar Brussels

May 7th - 20h > Acker Stadt Palast - Ackerstraße 169 - Berlin.
with Playground BerliM. A collective of dancers, actors, clowns, musicians gathered around Brazilian dancer Geraldo Si.

May 13th - 20h > Beurschouwburg > Performance “The Frozen Lakes if Elle” in the context of "Blacks to the Future Exhibition" curated by Sofia Dati. In duo with Fallon Mayanja.

May 28th - 20h > Cafe Central - Bxl Jazz Marathon - AUdrey Lauro (alt sax) & Lazara RA (drums, pocket trumpet) + Guest.

June 24th > RA cSessions at Ateliers Mommen TBC.

July 2nd > "PRACINHA" at Acker Stadt Palast - Berlin with Playground Börlin.
A collective of dancers, actors, clowns, costume designers, musicians gathered around ex-Pina Bausch Brazilian dancer Geraldo Si.

August 26th > Summer Bummer Festival at Trix, Antwerp curated by Sound in Motion.


“As Close As That” groupshow at MUKHA Antwerpen curated by Luk Lambrecht and Lieze Eneman from January 13th to February 28th invited by NICC vzw with the publication of an edition of her ephemeral intervention "Sin Titulo / Fill'in The Blacks" 121 + 7A.P.

Woman/Flowers as part of Kriestien Daems show at Arcade Brussels from April 29th to May 29th.

Currently her new crossmedia project "Yoko Osha Chapter III or The first day is the day of the river" is on view at the group exhibition-forum “BXL UNIVERSEL II :” at DE CENTRALE for contemporary art curated by Carine Fol and Tania Nasielski from March 25th to September 12th, 2021.

Invited to present the piece "POCKETS" with Sofia Kakouri both on Pocket Trumpets and Movements on July 7th at The eleventh edition of Trouble festival (1+1) > 2 curated by Antoine Pickels from July 7th to 11th at Thor Studio in Sint Joost and different locations indoor and outdoor in Brussels.

Bare-Faced (2015) Film project collaboration with Sammy Baloji is part of the project "Never Cross the Same River Twice (Chapter 2: Transhistorical Investigations)" opening on the 12th of June until September 25, 2021 at space52, Athens, Greece curated by Kisito Assangi and Ariana Kalliga.

Performing with Audrey Lauro and Sofia Kakouri at SUMMER BUMMER FESTIVAL 2021 - August 26th at De Studio, Antwerpen

Bare Faced (2015) film collaboration with Sammy Baloji (DRC) at HANGAR (Lisbon, PT) as part of a video exhibition NEVER CROSS THE SAME RIVER TWICE Semiotics of Subjectivity - Vol 2 curated by Kisito Assangni.
The program ran from November 3rd throughout November 10th, 2021.

Resonare Festival 2021 - November 20th at PLOEF!, Jette, Brussels with

The year ended with a work in the collection of the Flemish Community Collection (VGC). Celebrating MahaWorks 20 years!


STAY TUNED/DE-TUNED! We'll be back after the Nouvel Corona Crisis for a Bright & New World Hopefully (march 19th, 2020)

May 1st > Performing "Live to Tape" "Unsurrounded 2.0" at Oscillation Festival. The second edition will take place as a 3-day radio marathon over the first weekend in May (30/04 - 2/05/2020), in resonance with the International Day of Workers. A project by Q-O2 werkplaats conceived and coordinated by Julia Eckhardt, Caroline Profanter, Henry Andersen, Ludo Engels and Christel Simons. Q-O2 is a laboratory for experimental music and sound art located in Brussels.


Lazara Rosell Albear, resident at WIELS in 2016, took advantage of the lockdown to record a soundscape in the WIELS building that had been vacant for several weeks. For this she used field recordings mixed with her own voice, electronic music and sound resonance experiments. You can listen to the world premiere here.
(Released on May 22nd, 2020)

Listen To The Soundscape

De Wand project 2020 "CALLED TO REFLECT" at CC Strombeek curated by Luk Lambrecht and Lieze Eneman opening Friday October 2nd throughout December 24th, 2020

Q-O2 Oscillation Tape Release – Marcus Bergner + Mika Oki
On Friday October 2 we will celebrate the release of a new set of tape cassettes which bring together several works from Oscillation Mayday Radio Marathon, featuring Lazara Rosell Albear, Giovanni Lami, Elisa Ferrari, Julia E Dyck&Diana Duta, martiensgohome, Planète Concrète, Penates, Olli Aarni, Teresa Cos, Edyta Jarzab & Pawel Kreis with design by Meeuw and print made at Chez Rosi.

Accepted to become a member of Atelier Mommen in Brussels July 15th, 2018. The last and oldest artists village in Brussels created in 1874 by Felix Mommen.