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photo credits
(1 - 4) 'Black Cloud' with Oren Lazowsky, Danielle Gallegos Ascanio (Aerea Negrot) & Michela Pa - by Ana M. Arias Valdivia at Gorki Theater, Berlin.
Phonofemme Festival Vienna by Dharma Bendersky
'Unsurrounded X' with Sofia Hardig (sw), Alexey Kokhanov (ru) - Animated GIF by MahaWorks at Nest Gent.
'Hooglied' - In Vitro by MahaWorks at Kievitsnest, Antwerp.
Solo 'Unsurrounded VII' by Krisztoff Dorion at Netwerk Aalst.
'Hooglied' - In Vitro by Merilin Tee at Troubleyn Lab, Antwerp.
'Bare Faced' (Trancemediamix 2 project by Walter Verdin) with/by Sammy Baloji at the VK, Brussels.
'Dark Speeches: Gadgetland' by Chris Van der Burght at Buda Kortrijk.
'Unsurrounded VI': Invisible Cities by MahaWorks on the cover of 'Uit in Hasselt'
'LRA' by Jacques Fonk
'Unsurrounded I' by Kris Lauwereys at Art Cinema OFFoff, Gent.
'Unsurrounded: a selfportret' at Logos Tetrahedron, Gent.
'Le Lab HBC 4.O' by MahaWorks.
'Pinh Piah' by Carlos Silvestre Tejeros.
'Did you know that?' by Isabel Devos/Kopergietery.
Kantelingen exhibition by Caroline Vincart.
'Chimera, With in' by Gianina Urmeneta Ottiker.
'Kaku' by MahaWorks.
'Kaku' by MahaWorks.
'Jorgen Teller & The Empty Stairs feat LRA' by MahaWorks at KB 18, Copenhagen.
'Dark Speeches I' by MahaWorks at t uSeum, Gent.
'Kaku - CiCliC Records promo Blue Note catalogus" by MahaWorks.